San Diego on a 4-Day Weekend

If you like to travel, but don’t have a lot of vacation time a visit to San Diego, California can be a very entertaining four day weekend. They have a lot of different tourist places and the terrain is varied unlike Houston where I live. Everything here is very flat so anytime I travel I notice things like that! They have beaches and mountains. Also the weather was not to hot for summer travel.

For someone who likes an all inclusive type vacation you might want to visit one of the Hotel/Casino/Spa’s in the area. There are several located about an hour from the airport. You can have a nice room, several dining choices, a spa, pool, gambling, golf and an open sky theater. You could make this you whole trip if you wanted. Myself, I needed a little more. I like to relax, but I also like to get our and see some things also.

Now if you’re into the tourist spots where you pay an entrance fee they have several things. You can do the San Diego Zoo, Wildlife Park, Sea World and Lego Land. We choose the Zoo and the Wildlife Park. That was plenty for us. Those types of places require a lot of walking and a lot of money. It costs $5 just for a soft drink.

Of course San Diego has lots of beaches. It’s something inexpensive to do if you like to entertain yourself. There were several free attractions we enjoyed. Some of the local Native Indians were having a Pow- Wow that we watched for a little while. They had some amateur surfers that were fun to see and even a dog surfing contest. We took a small cooler with some drinks we bought at the grocery store and just walked around finding cool stuff! There were a few people swimming, but it was cloudy that day and it looked a little to chilly for swimming.

Another thing we enjoy when traveling is driving off the beaten path and through small towns to see the local things. We found a lot of fruit stands that sold avocados that are grown locally and ostrich eggs. That was very interesting. We learned that ostrich eggs have been eaten for many years are very healthy and one egg is equal to two dozen chicken eggs. We passed several ostrich and emu farms where they are raised. Another interesting site was the orange tree orchards. We were there in June and the trees were very green with lots of fresh oranges.

Everyone has their own style of vacation they enjoy. Some prefer to be entertained and some prefer to entertain themselves. San Diego has plenty of things for everyone.